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Friday, February 13, 2009

Your Personal Help Desk

Just before I left Bangkok for Melbourne on Tuesday, I got a distress email from my sister in Perth. She wanted some help with her computer. For no apparent reason it was displaying a reduced screen.

She would have known I was travelling, so for fun I ghosted a reply to her as a help desk officer. The advice allowed her to solve her problem, but now she is not talking to me. I am still wondering why?

Here is the letter:

Dear Mrs. Murphy

Gordon is currently on a mission home. He said he will catch up with you when he is back on the ground.

He asked me to help you fix your reduced screen size on your Laptop I understand it is running Vista operating system. It is likely you have used a fn & F key combination somehow. If so it is easily fixed by resetting the resolution.

To do this, from your desktop, use the right mouse button to find “personalize” then select “display settings” and adjust your slider to say 1280 x800 If that does not work try NVIDIA control panel.

Please let me know if that works?

Gordon also said if that does not work tell her to do something useful and get off that computer.

Yours sincerely

Andy Men

Anytime Help Officer

The Personal Help Desk Company

Where we come to you and you leave the money on the fridge.

Phone 0800WEFIXIT

Web http://www.duhthanks.com/

Email amen@dahthanks.com