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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Round the world in a time machine

I received my Google news today, time-stamped  5:18 PM Bangkok time on Monday Feb 2, 2009. It had an update from BBC News posited 49 minutes prior that reports London airports and transport today  being frozen to a standstill today.

This was newsworthy to me as My mate Danny, from the UK right now is missing all that as he travels in Oz now en-route from Perth via Portland tonight on the Great Ocean Road and tomorrow to visit my family at my home in Melbourne. Contrary to his normal UK weather, he has been experiencing oppressive heat for the last week while traveling in Australia.

But back to my Google story. I pondered on the weather extremes and did some checking to find a picture dated July last year of a UK summer heat wave. As you would image, that tells a completely different story to the one today.

The write up with this 2008 picture says “Britain basks in tropical conditions on 25th July 2008 as millions of people clip_image002prepared to head off on holiday. “ The article curiously goes on to highlight the rocketing temperatures are expected to continue uninterrupted.

The picture below is supposedly taken in London today being February 2, 2009.

According to the accompanying article by a Boston.com journalist Kate Kelland, in the UK today (yes as I speak) it is being recorded as one very cold day. Her story goes on to say, "These clip_image004tables stand covered in snow in London's Canary Wharf. Heavy snow brought much of London's transport to a halt today with airport runways forced to close and all bus and many train services suspended."

(Click on Picture to get, the Boston.com story )

By the way Danny you won't be surprised at the heat and the a cool coming change You already know us Aussies often go to the beach in a heat wave and an hour or so later it can be cold enough to go home to put fires on to keep warm. And invariably it rains to boot to make it more miserable.

But again, back to Kate’s story. By my count it would have been about 10AM in London time when her post went to press.

But what if Kate Kelland's is in Boston as he papers name suggest.Then the time there is 6 hours earlier, which would make it around 4am for her to get up and sent it, now a couple of hours ago my time.

image  By the way for interest I just checked and the temperature is around zero at mid morning there now and it looks like Boston has some sun there  too according to the  WCVB's Live CCTV located on top of "One Financial Center in Boston"

Now being mindful of her time and if you you read her story you will see it is written in past tense, with Feb 2 being yesterday.

That's odd isn't it given it is not actually over yet.

So I wonder if for Kate the cold has caused her to catch a case of “Today is Tomorrow Yesterday “ disorder, or even worse a image case of Bill Murray Ground Hog Day syndrome to make it the same again tomorrow .

Maybe before Feb 2 ends and she goes to bed, someone can sort it out for her.

Nonetheless Danny I do hope Portland is not to hot or cold tonight and thanks to a Boston reporter you get your name in the paper.

imageBut I guess you don’t care as you will already bed in bed by now at it is midnight there so it will all makes sense by the time you read this tomorrow.


But as if you really Care Danny. By then you will be looking at that world wonder, Twelve Apostles that make that coast Ocean coast road so special.

image image

It is now nearly 7PM here in Bangkok and I am done for the day and off to get a beer.


Cheers .

Cheers Gordon