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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amazing Stich Photograph doing the rounds



This truly amazing photographic work by Julian Kalmar shows  the glory of the fully restored Piaristen Church in Vienna built circa 1715-22

Unique about this photos is it is actually not one but over 250 photos stiched together using very clever technology to make a 360 degree view of the church interior so you you can pan from any angle. It is also so dense that you can zoom up close and see very fine detail.

For the panning It uses the same technology you have seen Google earth and their street maps that join house photos together to make a contiguous imagine of a street with 360 views This is Known as Stich technology

The photo size is  51644 x 25822 pixels to make it a huge 1.3 gigapixel and just a bit big to download. 

For camera buffs Kalmar says he set his up for this shoot with the focal length at 70mm, the exposure: between 5sec. and 1/160and  using a wide aperture setting at F11 The processing speed was  ISO100..

Most cameras now amaze us with photos using less than 10 megapixels (I Gig is 1000 times a meg) The technology for this is quite incredible to exceed the gigapixel barrier.

Check it out, Just click in the snagged picture I pasted above to take you to the authors original in his web site. The make use of the buttons to pan up and down and around and zoom to get a sense of all the beautiful detail . For panning you can also simply hold the mouse pointer down anywhere and move the picture around..

if the embedded link fails for some reason use this one: