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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Ghost Riders Blues Irony


Bob Spooner and I complied this musical slide deck few years ago to raise money for the needy.. but we never got any.

It was in the last decade in 2009 so only a select few like John Lincoln, Maz Garnett, Trish Stevens. Ian Oliver, David Brown and more I won't name, who stuck by me, and know I am breaking the never repeat rule.

But I still love hearing this Blues Brothers version of the Ghost Riders in The Sky that we found to go with what we laughed out load at during assembly of the original post “What "Famous People Say ”

The irony is, it is still circulating as a now famous item itself and found its way back to me via a tweet. 

Talking of irony, one of my all time favorite quotes many chide me often for repeating in social surroundings is the Jack Nicholson one liner where he said

“ My mother never did get the irony in calling me a son of a bitch.” 

The Barbara Bush quote, obviously about Bill and another favorite, is similarly insightful, which you can read for you self. 

Its goes for 1.40 seconds so put on your earphones as you enjoy it again..

Cheers Gordie