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Friday, April 20, 2012

Humour only South Africans will appreciate

clip_image001On board a Zooma African Airways (ZAA) flight from Soweto to Kayelitsha . . .

Stewardess: “What would you like to drink, sir?”
Passenger: “Do you have dry white wine?”

Stewardess: “Sorry, sir, we only have wet white wine. What else would you like to drink?”
Passenger: “Can I have a Grand Cru?”

Stewardess: “Sorry, sir, but the ground crew they don't fly. What else would you like?”
Passenger: “Do you have any Bols [brandy]?”

Stewardess: “No, sir, but the captain has. What else can I offer you?”
Passenger: “Can I have a Captain Morgan?”

Stewardess: “Sorry, sir, the captain is captain Tshabalala, but he is flying the plane right now. What else would you like to drink?”
Passenger: “Just give me some coffee.”

Stewardess: “How would you like it, sir?”
Passenger: “Decaffeinated, please . . .”