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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fush and Chups – What is it?

If you know any New Zealanders, your also know how hard they are too understand.

For most of us A E I O U  are easy to say and understand vowels. But New Zealanders mess the sounds of these around to make themselves un-intelligible.

For example; the sound of “I”in Rick is changed to sound like Ruck where conversely the “a” in Tackle (as in football) sounds like an “I” to become Tickle, (the act of touching a part of the body so as to cause involuntary twitching movements and/or laughter)

Maybe a direct swap can be fathomed but then they make sure we are completely confused with other interchanges For example that “a: in catch (as in catch a the ball,) is changed so it sounds like ketch (a sailing craft with two masts) And a Gull as in seagull is actually the scouring measure: Goal.

I am told the Kiwi’s do this so the opposition don’t know what is happening at the Rugby.

Here are a few more example you may hear at their Rugby games :