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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kids are Quick

imageTEACHER:    Maria, go to the map and find North America.
MARIA:         Here it  is.
TEACHER:   Correct.  Now class, who discovered America ?
CLASS:         Maria.

But  here is another version

In 1497, the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci discovered a new country, and it was named America by the map maker, Martin Waldseemuller.

However, it was later realized that Amerigo’s friend, the Spanish explorer, Christopher Columbus, had been there a few years earlier in 1492. But it was too late to rename the country Columbia.

More recently evidence has appeared showing that in fact it was the Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho who discovered America in 1421.

So who deserves the credit for actually discovering America? Maybe American Indians who were there to greet these explorers?