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Friday, November 5, 2010

Reverse Parking

You may have seen this somewhere before but would you believe I actually know the guy who parked this car.  And he not a New York parking inspector demonstrating how to park correctly.

If you think  this is me parking then I have to ask you. “Who am I”?

Maybe you think I was faking by driving out of the park and doing a quick spins and reversing so they could could run the filmed  backwards.

Well to answer you first question pundits would have you believe who else,, of course  its Jackie Chan  of course as we know he does all his own stunts and this was from his movie . “Who Am I”

If you want to see more  information about parking in a light hearted but very educational format just check out Larry’s blog. He sent me this Youtube. His blog I might add too is more than just about Parking in New York. It’s a load of fun people across the globe enjoy including me.