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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bangkok and all that - Families do Care

For those with an interest in Bangkok I am keeping updates on the comments section of my other blog


Click on the picture to link to some photos I took yesterday. This one shows soldiers in front of MacDonald's on Sukhumvit Soi 4  The tourist area of Sukhumvit generally was still quite active yesterday but as you can see the Army is very present in the area and blocking access to the trouble zones to the west just beyond the expressway.


On a personal note I got this is a message from my sister Julie this morning after she was talking about me with our other sister Nada.

Hi Gord

I've been thinking of you being amongst it all in Thailand. I saw Nades last week and she said things were not good. Today she sent me your update from your blog so I hope you are actually out of there by now back in Melbourne.

If not I hope it is not long and you are able to travel safely. Apart from your personal safety I expect it will be having a huge impact on your business which will add to your concerns.

We are thinking of you and hope you remain safe.

Take care

love Jules x and a big O

Thanks to everyone who has sent their concerns. Needless to say everyone here including me is being sensible. It is not our issue so no need to be a hero.

It is of course very serious but to keep it light hearted here is my rely to her.

Thanks Jules,

I am still here but on a flight out on Thursday. I am ok and staying indoors. I have some supplies of G&T plus a some bottles of red left, which guarantees to bring in some company for me. It is also quite nice working around the pool it in between dips. 

Business is actually quite badly affected now and I have not been to our office for nearly a month in the centre of the troubles. 

I did have someone this morning book a meeting this week to fly in to close a deal we have pending. I told him it will have to wait as it is too risky moving around the city.

In the meantime I am keeping the blog updated with news as it breaks.


Thanks for thinking of me.