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Friday, June 14, 2013

Winking Problem

A man with a winking problem is applying for a job as a sales rep. for a
large firm. He has the best education, reputation and experience.

The HR officer said, 'Normally, we'd hire you in a heartbeat, but sales is a
highly visible occupation and your constant winking problem might upset
customers. I'm sorry but we can't hire you.

'But wait,' said the man. 'If I take two aspirins, my winking stops.
Here, let me show you.' So he reached into his pockets for aspirins, and
different packages of condoms fell out all over the desk and floor. Finally
he found the aspirin, took two, and stopped winking.

'That's amazing,' said the HR officer. 'However, this is a reputable
company and we can't hire someone who is into womanizing as much as you
appear to be.'

Astounded, the man said, 'Womanizing? What do you mean?
I'm a happily married man!' 'Well then,' asked the HR officer, 'how do you
explain all these condoms?' 'Oh, that,' he sighed.

'Have you ever walked into a pharmacy winking, and asked for aspirins?'