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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cultural differences

The scenario is a man accidently tearing a girl's miniskirt is a busy public place.  Here are various culturally different responses ]

imageTokyo -
The lady bowed, and said: “The quality of the skirt is not all that good." And then out a pin, put the skirt back together.

New York - The lady pulled out a name card, gave it to him and said: "This is my lawyer's card. He will contact you about a sexual harassment suit"

Paris - The lady said with a smile: "If you do not mind, a red rose can represent your apology." The French man bought her a rose, then they went to a bar, and lastly, they went to a small hotel.

London - The lady covered the torn spot, then said with a blush on her face: "Do you mind taking me home sir? I live very close..." The English man took his jacket off, put on her shoulders; call a cab, then took her home safely.

China - The young lady slapped the guy, then: "You sex maniac. Dare to take advantage of me, I will send you to the labour camp..."

Taiwan - The girl smiled and said: "We have not come up with a price yet, and you are going to inspect the merchandise?"

Hong Kong - The girl screamed: "XXX your XXX, you think I am the cheap item on the street? Watch out, I will find someone to pierce your skin."

Korea - The girl gave him a kick, then said: "Don't you know that I am a second degree black belt in Tai Kwan Dao."

Thailand - The girl said with a gesture: "No worries honey, we are all men."