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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Floods in Bangkok high risk today with overfull surrounds awash


This is not joke

Tuesday October 18 2011 7AM

Here is a GIS map of the flooded areas which shows Bangkok now caught in the neck of the funnel. This zoomed out version shows the total  catchment with the blue areas already flooded and the red area that have already flooded or threatening today


The map zooms in on Bangkok show in  red the areas flooding  this morning as the volumes of water move from their north bound origins to the sea via the river system and low lying Bangkok area that lies in the path of the southbound wash


I just spoke to my friends, the Kitbamroong family hi are in their flood stricken homes in Prutumtani 25 kms to the North of Bangkok.

He said the waters are continuing to rise uncontrollably last night and today with little or no time for people to evacuate. Many who thought they were safe after a week of tensions and preparation were caught by surprised.

The floods discriminate with rich and poor alike effected. This morning many in poor and middle class villages are marooned or being recued from their flooded homes, And one area near a wealthy golf course residence in expensive homes there are too underwater this morning as floods rushed passed their sand bag barriers catching them by surprise too.

I have just been just told that in the Pratumthani areas the catchment containment is now passed over flow levels as the water is moving south and east again closer to Bangkok .

The Chao Pra River that weaves thru Bangkok is now full at capacity level has current draining capacity of 3.7 million liters per second with the high tide pushing back. Other rivers have much lower draining capacity.

From the top end of the catchment which is still filling a rate of 4.4 million liters per second the whole is now near full with the worse yet to come for days as funnels into  Bangkok this week is under an even greater threat of broad based flooding.

It is now all too late to contain now the break thru of levy banks and diversions as this morning more areas flooded nowonbly10KMstothenotrht of the city.This is made even worse as the balance of human pressures in those locations continues to place that under stress.

Here is a quick video we compiled last night before this update.