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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Knowing a few numbers may help in emergencies

In the fine print on all mobile phones there is very useful information abut function on your phone that could help you a great deal in an emergency

112 is Emergency Number on most Mobile Phones

Most mobile phones can dial emergency calls even when the phone keyboard is locked, or without a SIM card, or an emergency number is entered instead of the PIN.

*4720# increases Nokia battery by reducing sound quality

This may be useful if you phone is nearly dead and you need to make an emergency call.

On some phones call * #06# to get the phone disable code,

If you keep this in your wallet a stolen phone can be disable by the service powder

Other emergency things to know

Reversing your ATM pin informs the police you are being robbed but still gives you the money.

AskAout.com has more to say on Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do. Information like this people don't mind , so pass on this page as a  link .