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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walk In The Park

Quite a few people have asked me where they can get some of the "Walk in the Park" photos that appear on the sidebar.

So I now embedded them in this blog as a slide show. You may also prefer these on full screen directly from my photo site, by clicking on any picture, then select from slide show or other choices in Picasa

You can also browse and download as you wish for there.

Here also is the write up I did. This is also on the site…. enjoy!!

Photos by Gordon Wood
Nov 29, 2008 Bangkok

On Saturday 29th Nov, I was invited to visit the Suan Luang Rama 9 Park in Bangkok. Weather-wise it was a wonderfully pleasant day of around 28 degrees, just right for relaxing.

The park was full of Thai people all enjoying a day’s outing as families, friends or like me as a tourist.

Suan Luang Rama 9 is the biggest public park in Bangkok. It was created to celebrate on Dec 5 1987 the 60th Birthday King Bhumibol Adulyadej, also known as King Rama IX.

It is open to the public and provide an environment for relaxing, social, sporting & cultural activities.

The theme has a central mirror lake surrounded by green acres garlanded with flora including endless arrays of flower beds of brilliant colour. A Mecca for camera enthusiasts like me.