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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuning a guitar

Yes, at last, something useful.

For those who cannot tune a guitar, here is a great widget. (Courtesy of How To Tune A Guitar)

Click here if the widget is not on your feed page.

“Tuning” with this is so easy with the pimageitch audible on a click of each note. Try it’s no joke.

Steve, I am sorry there is no 12 string version. For your 12 string guitar, you still have to go manual on 4 of the second pair, [Low E, A, D, G], each tuned one octave up on/ (Love that sound)

The tuning bit has been all that has stopped me playing before. I have the hat, so now all I need to is to go tune my mate Jimmy’s old guitar, he left behind in Bangkok…

Stay tuned …

GWCowboyPS. Hey, “Lukas the Pirate”, are you out there? Maybe we could team up for a gig at the Saxophone bar.