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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Think twice when there is a fire alarm

This is how its done in Singapore. A fire alarm rang at 4 PM when almost all 5000 shift employees were in the factory.

As usual with the great efficiency Singapore is known for. the entire workforce  evacuated within 3 minutes & all employees gathered outside waiting for their next  instructions .

10 minutes passed ... then another 5 more more before a security officer finally came out and announced he had been asked to read a prepared statement:

Dear Present and Former Employees,

With melting heart we make this announcement that for many of you this will be a last evacuation drill.

Due to the recession we are laying off almost 50% of our employees.

If your ID card does not work,  you are among those laid off & Your personal belongings will be  couriered to you tomorrow.

We tool this approach as we didn't want to clog our email boxes with layoff and good bye mails in thousands We also wanted to avoid any fights inside the office.

For those leaving we hope you have nice career.


Best wishes


The Management